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Corporate Philosophy

1. Life-long learning is an ongoing process that requires a partnership between LifeForce and our clients. This encompasses the needs and the goals of our clients and their customers.
2. Open and honest communication about the needs and goals of our client is essential to a productive partnership. Open exchange of ideas, common objectives, and the removal of obstacles to communication will ensure this process will work.
3. The dedication to process improvement of our clients and our company is fundamental with keeping pace in today’s ever-changing economy.

Our team is capable in meeting the needs of a diverse clientele. We have health and wellness personnel, as well as environmental and safety experts who work with our organization.

Who We Are

LifeForce is an innovative, mobile training company dedicated in providing customer oriented health and safety training. LifeForce members have been professionally trained in adult education, theory and practicum. We offer flexible training schedules to meet the personnel demands of our clients and the general public.
LifeForce will bring our health and safety training specialists to your organization. This allows more employees access to training and organizational involvement during our training courses. Providing training at the organizations locations saves travel and associated costs for the participants, while maintaining and ultimately improving productivity. Our health and safety training allows employees to increase their awareness and improve their response to emergency life-threatening situations.

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